UltraBio® Medical Center
Praceta Beato Inácio de Azevedo, nº 36
4700-366 São Vicente - Braga

Telephone number: 00351 253 217 327
Mobile number: 00351 961 70 80 40



In the vicinity of the building where UltraBio® Medical Center is installed, there is free public parking and a private underground parking, in the building of Central Bus Terminal of Braga.

Coming by Motorways A3, A7 or A11, take the first exit after Braga, always follow the highway toward "Braga center" or "Stadium" until you will pass through a tunnel and then out the exit of "Central de Camionagem", located on "Avenida General Norton de Matos" - appears on GPS gadgets.

Always rising, until you find one roundabout, where you will reverse the direction.

Now, on the downside, turn first right, and, soon after, the first left.

The clinic is located in the first building on the left, opposite the Parish Council of São Vicente, at bottom, left side, right on the corner of that building, with entrance on the opposite side.



Locating in the immediate vicinity of the building of the Central Bus Terminal of Braga, the UltraBio® Medical Center, has facilities on public transport.

Bus - stop "Central Bus Terminal of Braga"

There are direct buses from many destinations.

Shuttle bus getbus: Porto Airport - Central Bus Terminal Braga, without stops.



Bus - Stop “Avenida General Norton de Matos”

87: Estação CF – Hospital

53: Avenida General Norton de Matos - Semelhe/Gondizalves

23: Avenida General Norton de Matos – Sameiro/Espinho

12: Avenida da Liberdade - Lageosa/Pedralva via Gualtar

13: Avenida General Norton de Matos – Lageosa/Pedralva


Bus - Stop “São Vicente”

45: Avenida Central - Ponte do Bico

73: Avenida Central – Navarra/Pousada

09: Ruães - Nogueira (Barral)

19: Areal - Boavista

80: Sete Fontes - Espírito Santo


Bus - Stop “Largo dos Penedos”

02: Ponte de Prado - Bom Jesus

05: Dume - Quinta da Capela

09: Ruães - Nogueira (Barral)

14: Praça Conde de Agrolongo - Priscos

19: Areal - Boavista

24: Sequeira - Gualtar

33: Avenida Central - Cabreiros

53: Avenida General Norton de Matos - Semelhe/Gondizalves

935: Avenida Central - Guisande

937: Avenida Central - Arentim

943: Estação CF - Universidade do Minho

945: Avenida Central - Ponte do Bico

949: Avenida Central - Ruães



Oporto Urban Services - “Braga Line”

Trains connecting from Europe and the North to the South of Portugal:

- International Service

- Regional Service

- Intercidades Service

- Alfa Pendular Service



Flights to Oporto, Portugal, are several, using a wide fleet of flying companies, from everywhere, including low cost companies, such as: EASYJET, RYANAIR, TRANSAVIA, etc...

Shuttle bus getbus: Porto Airport - Central Bus Terminal Braga, without stops.

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