Briefing - Day of Surgery

The Big Day!

If the patient is far from home, even from outside the country, we are available to assist in booking accommodation before or after the intervention. There is no need to stay in hospital afterwards. The intervention is always planned the day before.

  • Arrival: 8:00
  • Early intervention: 8.30
  • Lunch: 13:30
  • Second phase of the intervention: 14:00
  • End of intervention: 20:00


You will occupy a division exclusively reserved for you.

The action takes place in several stages and, between them, you will have the possibility to rest, eat, or walk a little.

We believe it is important to maintain pleasant memories of your intervention, since the hair transplantation must not be a negative experience!

After the intervention, you will just have to wait and follow the instructions provided by our experts, so that new hair can grow and you will get a life experience with an improved appearance, preparing yourself for new experiences, by increasing your self-confidence.