Capillary treatments


A correct diagnosis is always essential to counseling therapy to follow.

So, before starting the hair treatments, a consultation of initial assessment, which will take place in the analysis of the follicles, the hair and scalp, will allow us to define the most suitable treatments for each patient hair treatment, taking in regard its pathology.

The hair treatments aim to prevent baldness and regrow existing hair and, in addition, they are also complementary to the maintenance of the results in hair transplant surgeries.

Using the latest technology, directed to the scalp, these hair treatments are detoxifying, stimulating and regenerative. Have benefits in dry scalps with excess oil, with seborrhoea, and can act as a preventive of androgenic alopecia, hormone disorders, in situations of stress, etc.

Even for those who have already performed a hair transplant, these treatments are essential to control the evolution of non-transplanted hair fall, avoiding an early re-intervention and allowing to increase the success of a previous hair transplant, for a longer period of time.