Hair Transplant


The hair transplantation is the redistribution and relocation of existing hair follicles of donor area (sides and neck regions), causing the hair to grow again in areas where it had gone. In reality, a hair transplant does not thicken nor create new hair, just changes its location on the head. The hair transplant procedure is minimally invasive and as such, has a rapid healing of the donor site.

The hair follicles transplanted in this surgery will present genetic resistance to baldness and will remain present throughout the patient's life. There is no reject, because the hairs are transplanted from the patient and his growth rate will remain unchanged.

The results appear in the first month, when the patient will notice to appear hair and, as the hair grows, we will see the transplanted area repopulated.

The Hair Transplantation is a technique free of scars.

The individual extraction of hair follicles by technique FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction, is made without the use of skin incisions, using an advanced technique that, combined with evolved tools, enables you to extract an exact number of single, double or triple follicles of according to the specific needs of each case, free from scars as the "punch" used has a diameter of less than 1mm, not destroying the extracted hair follicles.

All patients, at the time of intervention, having a normal healing process, are candidates to undergo this type of procedure:

  • Experts in hair microtransplant, must be very acclimated to the particular characteristics of the skin and hair and be able to create in an almost artistic way, what nature created previously, ensuring an absolutely natural look.
  • The color of the hair, the thickness and size of the follicles, skin characteristics, the lifestyle of the patient, their age and gender, among other factors, are all very important, and only when they are all taken into account, one can get perfect results.


In UltraBio® Medical Center, we use a technique, using a planter of hair follicles, of the latest generation of this instrument. That enables us to put the follicles with the angle, direction and correct depth, essential to reaching an outcome parameters completely natural to your hair. The procedure is painless and the results are manifested in the satisfaction of our patients. The lack of hair is reversed and hair growth is gradual and secured.

This technique allows us also to repair hair transplants performed previously by the older methods, redefining the front line and increasing density in areas already transplanted.