Induction of collagen Technique - Dermaroller®

The therapy of percutaneous collagen induction is a stimulus for the production of collagen by the skin, accomplished through the bearing of a cylinder with small needles, which cause micro-lesions on the skin.

May help treat stretch marks, scars, acne, wrinkles, sagging, among others, it allows to increase production of collagen.

The device used is known as Dermaroller® being used for skin rejuvenation. Currently, joins the topical application of active ingredients, where the channels open at the skin surface, pave the way for penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.

After the procedure, the skin undergoes three processes: inflammation, cell proliferation and collagen remodeling. With this treatment, the amount of collagen may duplicate, improving texture, reducing fine wrinkles and sagging.

The main indications of this treatment are facial rejuvenation, wrinkles and expression lines, mild acne scars and some stretch marks. Also melasma can be treated, associated with topical application of a new depigmentation, tranexamic acid.

Can be performed in-office with only topical anesthetic cream applied 40 minutes before the intervention, being a peaceful and painless intervention without scabbing or skin darkening, which may be resumed normal activities the very next day to the intervention. Three sessions, held once a month are indicated.