Also known as Chemical Peel, is divided into:

  • Superficial facial peeling
  • Average facial peeling (2-3 sessions)
  • Deep facial peeling (Most aggressive)

This treatment is chemically abrasive, with effects on wrinkle reduction, acne reduction, melasma reduction, photoaging and skin color setback.

May be superficial, medium or deep, depending on the desired results.

After the procedure, the skin undergoes three classic wound healing processes:

Inflammation: After mechanical stimulation there is a reproduction of skin cells;

Proliferation: The skin cells provoke the formation of tissue;

Remodeling: The tissue is restructured and dead cells removed, leaving a stronger and more uniform appearance to the skin.

This treatment is recommended for women and men who wish to soften lines and wrinkles, lighten blemishes, soften acne scars, stretch marks, alleviate and rejuvenate their skin. Although the patient may feel some soft bites on his face during the procedure, the treatment is usually painless.

This treatment increases the production of collagen and elastin. Also increases the thickness and elasticity of the skin.

The duration of treatment will vary from case to case and purpose of the patient.

Maximum of 5 sessions are recommended.