Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

The plasma rich in growth factors appears to be effective in the regeneration and healing of various tissues process, enhancing the healing activity by means of growth factors contained in platelets, responsible for stimulating the healing, repair, proliferation and regeneration cell, controlling the inflammatory process.

Platelets are cells in our bloodstream, and growth factors are proteins contained in platelets, involved in regulating many body processes, particularly in inflammation, coagulation, wound healing, cell differentiation and proliferation. Is obtained from the blood of the patient, prepared by centrifugation to obtain the fraction containing platelets. These are subjected to a chemical process with the goal of getting a plasma rich in growth factors. This plasma is then administered by injection into the treatment site.

It is an excellent preventative treatment, from 30-35 years of age, and correctional, at any age. The number of sessions depend on the chronicity or severity of the disease, extent of the area to be treated and on the vitality of tissues. Effectively results in cellulite (visible results in 15 days), acne and stretch marks, and wrinkles around the mouth, facial rejuvenation and hair, etc., and accelerates healing resulting from plastic surgery procedures.

Treatments do not restrict daily life, and the patient must avoid intense physical activity and intake of anti-inflammatory drugs, following medical guidelines.

Growth factors are obtained from the patient's own blood, so there is no risk of disease transmission by this route, harvesting techniques and processing are performed with strict aseptic measures.