Reconstruction of Eyebrows

Eyebrows are an important component of a harmonious face and, through a simple procedure, it can be done a reconstruction of thin eyebrows, flawed, scarred, or even completely absent.

Is intended for all patients wishing full or bushy eyebrows, thinner and well drawn eyebrows, or even those who want to disguise existing scars.

A typical procedure involves placing 50-200 hairs on each eyebrow, according to the intentions of the patient (a normal eyebrow has about 250-300 hairs). Its length is approximately three hours and it is a painless procedure, because the patient is under the influence of a mild local anesthetic.

The extraction of individual follicles needed for a reconstruction of eyebrows is made in the neck area, near the neck, since these hairs are thinner than other areas of the head, and also have a more similar texture and density to the eyebrows.

For the reconstruction of the eyebrows, we use an innovative deployment technique with a fine follicles planter, that allows us to put the hair with a perfect angle and direction, in order to recreate an extremely natural profile.

In the four days following the procedure, the patient should have some post-operative care with the hair transplant, however, he may resume his normal life, immediately after the procedure. Regarding the donor site, after a few days, nothing is perceived, because there will be no scars.

After two weeks, it is not possible that the transplanted hair may fall, reborning after two to three months, for life.

Periodically, it is necessary to trim the new hair transplanted, so their size is suited to their new role.