Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage involves the application of various manual techniques on the body.

This massage therapy leads to obvious physical results, such as relaxation, stimulation and regulation of the neuromuscular system. Also favors emotional effects that help to balance the body / mind unity.

It is indicated for psychological relaxation, muscle toning, pain relief and recovery in the postoperative period.

Is applied through various pressure levels in the different body parts in order to improve muscle relaxation. Lasts approximately 50 minutes.

It is ideal to help you relax, as it stimulates the release of endorphins, providing a sense of pleasure and well-being through you. Lasts approximately 50 minutes.

It is indicated for those suffering from muscle aches, obstipation and digestive disturbance, poor circulation, problems with airway, fatigue, depression and anxiety. Lasts approximately 50 minutes.

It is ideal to stimulate circulation and reduce tension, using long and concentrated movements on specific areas of the body. Lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Originally from Japan, shiatsu massage literally means "finger pressure", with its numerous benefits come through controlled pressure, exerted on energy flows, as a way to stimulate and unlock.

Featuring various therapeutic effects, shiatsu massage uses fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet that act at certain meridians, promotes a sense of well-being and balance the physical, mental and spiritual level.

Besides helping to treat some diseases, the shiatsu massage is also used as a highly effective form of relaxation, relieving the stress of day-to-day.

Lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Aims to restore the harmonious energetic balance of the body, allowing its recovery and normalization. Lasts approximately 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Assists the return circulation throughout the body, as well as the removal of toxins and fluids which accumulate between tissues. Lasts approximately 30 minutes.

It is an energetic and shaping massage, using specific maneuvers for the reduction of adipose tissue, promoting blood and lymph circulation, acting in the elimination of toxins. Lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Consists of applying a mask with strong detoxifying action, combined with a massage that aims at reducing cellulite. Lasts approximately 50 minutes.


While an alternative and natural therapy, reflexology believes that there are "reflex points" located on the soles of the feet and hands that correspond to the internal organs. Its stimulation by massage, promotes the restoration of our vital energy, provides self-healing and conveys a feeling of unique well-being.

A reflexology massage soothes and relaxes, relieves accumulated tension, treats different types of pain, improves blood circulation, expels harmful toxins from the body, promotes the full and natural functioning of each part of the body. In the background, and beyond relieving a specific area of the body. Reflexology massage contributes to the renewal of the vital energy of the body, leading him to self-healing and providing a sense of general well-being. Has an approximate duration of 20 or 40 minutes.

The Pindas originating from the old Oriental therapies are bags of linen wich have medicinal herbs  inside, aromatic herbs and spices with both relaxing properties as stimulators which are pre-heated, in order to create the desired therapeutic effect, balancing energy within .

This technique can be applied using various maneuvers massage, creating a deep relaxation and a connection with our inner self, through peace and harmony, subtly provided with the aid of aromas, music, ringtones and decompressing energy stored by our body, providing deep relaxation, combating situations of high stress, controlling depressive states, causing muscle relaxation, increasing self-esteem, raising consciousness and facilitate concentration and meditation.

Lasts approximately 50 minutes.