The retina is the inner layer of the eye responsible for image formation and by our vision. When detachment occurs, vision decreases to the point of not seeing anything more.

The retinal detachment is accompanied by symptoms such as flashing lights, dark spots moving and partial loss of vision. This perception does not determine retinal detachment, but their rampant incresing, followed by the appearance of small spots with purple tone in the peripheral regions of vision does.

What is the treatment for retinal detachment?

The treatment of retinal detachment surgery is depending on the type, size and location of existing detachment, in general, five types of surgery to correct a gap:

  • intraocular gas injection
  • conventional retinopexy
  • Posterior vitrectomy using laser
  • posterior vitrectomy associated with intraocular injection of silicone
  • combination of the aforementioned operations