About us

In 2002, at the initiative of Dr. Francisco Macedo, the company was formed, initially providing services in Povoa de Lanhoso and Guimarães, bridging many of the needs felt by the population. The area of Research and Development has been constant since it began its activity.

In 2004, the company's founder was a winner of the Ideas Competition NORTINOV developed by the Innovation Agency, an idea known as UVG - UltraVisioGraph.

The emergence of new social and economic realities, coupled with growing interests in favor of more and better services, led to the opening of facilities in Braga, in 2004, initially in “Rua Nova Santa Cruz”, followed by a change of facilities to the center of Braga, in 2007, going to “Campo da Vinha”.

Having deployed heavily in the city of Braga, decided to move its headquarters to this city and close facilities in other locations. Until this stage, the company was not yet the reality that we know today, there was a small group of employees and a smaller supply of services.

In 2012, specific facilities were acquired and the provision of medical services increased, adopting the new name of UltraBio® Medical Center.

The increased supply of services birthed the need to choose a new name, so that patients could associate the connection between the company and the services provided.

This new entrepreneurial spirit revolutionized the private healthcare in the district of Braga, resizing the company structure.

Easily accessible and located in São Vicente, in the city of Braga, UltraBio® Medical Center offers aesthetic medicine, dentistry, plastic surgery, hair transplants, therapy services and medical specialties. Offers a personalized service, with a professional and specialized team, able to welcome their patients, providing health and wellness. In the comfort of a space with a modern design, combines the latest technologies to an exacting standard of quality.


Be recognized as a reference Medical Center, based in Braga, which provides Aesthetic Medicine, Dentistry, Plastic Surgery, Transplantation capillaries, Medical Specialties and Therapies services, customized way and tailored to the needs of each patient.


Provision of medical services providing a broad set of services, taking into account the overall wellbeing of the patient (physical, psychological and social).


Ethics, Quality, Professionalism, Trust, Simplicity, Assurance, Social Responsibility, Enthusiasm, Assignation, Excellence.